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Who We Are

It is our mission to promote this traditional Chinese art form and to keep this rich cultural practice alive. We hope that in nurturing our youths with rigorous activities, they can grow into healthy and responsible citizens that are committed and ever ready to serve our country. It is our priority to promote a healthy way of life and to create an environment, which is conducive to learning for our members. In doing so, we encourage them to take on every opportunity to serve the society.

Wei Yong is strict in instilling a positive attitude and good traditional values. In line with our mission, we strongly believe that values like discipline, respect and perseverance is acquired through learning the intricate steps of Lion dance and team coordination in Dragon dance. Our students are taught the good values that stem from our forefathers, who brought the invaluable art form to us. This has always been a guiding principle in Wei Yong.

What We Offer

Mascot Performance
The rich Chinese culture is one filled with deities and celestial beings. The most famous of all is the God of Fortune, known to bestow wealth upon believers. View More
Big Flags Performance
A grand entrance for any event calls for a Big Flag performance. Highly trained members of Wei Yong Athletic Association handle flags of up to 15 meters. View More
Dragon Dance Performance
The swift yet powerful nature of the dragon is brought to life with the Dragon Dance Performance. Made up of nine vividly coloured sections... View More
Lion Dance for All Occasions
Having a Lion Dance Troupe to perform is a symbol of prosperity and to bring in good luck and successes. The Lion Dance Troupe at Wei Yong Athletic... View More