Lion Dance for All Occasions

Having a Lion Dance Troupe to perform is a symbol of prosperity and to bring in good luck and successes. The Lion Dance Troupe at Wei Yong Athletic Association has been invited to perform at various occasions, from corporate openings, weddings to festive events. The professionally trained members of the troupe will being a robust and high energy performance that will send your adrenaline rushing.

High Pole Lion Dance Performance

The High Pole Lion Dance is a popular performance as it showcases the agility, dexterity, strength and tenacity of the Wei Yong Athletic Association members. A demanding piece of art form, it requires mental capacity and years of practice to attain a flawless performance that excites and impresses. The accomplished troupe has won numerous awards from local and international competitions.

Dragon Dance Performance

The swift yet powerful nature of the dragon is brought to life with the Dragon Dance Performance. Made up of nine vividly coloured sections that span over 20 meters, it showcases the reverence of the Chinese culture toward this mythological creature. This particular dance is a testimony to the cohesive nature of 10 dragon dancers and their mission to realise the dynamic nature of the dragon. Wei Yong Athletic Association are proud winners of several prestigious Dragon Dance competitions.

Luminous Dragon Dance Performance

Mysterious, yet bold, the Luminous Dragon Dance performance promises an experience that will leave all who see it awestruck. The charismatic nature of the dragon can be observed from the graceful and passionate movements from the 10 skilled dragon dancers. Feel the magic of the majestic dragon take flight into the night.

Phoenix Dance Performance

In the Chinese culture, the phoenix is known as the ‘Yin’ counterpart to the Dragon’s ‘Yang’. It is a symbol of honor and grace. In modern times, the phoenix grew to be recognised as a sign of prosperity and success. This makes the Phoenix Dance especially well received for individuals or establishments that wish for a flourishing endeavor.

Big Flags Performance

A grand entrance for any event calls for a Big Flag performance. Highly trained members of Wei Yong Athletic Association handle flags of up to 15 meters high. This demanding task leaves one in amazement of the graceful movement of the flag to the flowing wind.

Unicorn Performance

The Chinese Unicorn or Qilin is known to appear during auspicious times and often in times of peace and harmony. As one of the sacred animals in the Chinese culture, this uncommon performance can be often seen during festive periods or religious events. The performance usually features two agile unicorn dancers leaping in the air to the beat of accompanying traditional music.

Mascot Performance

The rich Chinese culture is one filled with deities and celestial beings. The most famous of all is the God of Fortune, known to bestow wealth upon believers. Audiences can expect to see the mascot dressed in the likeness of the God of Fortune. During the performance, red packets and coins, symbolising wealth and luck, will be given out.